Chip Enhanced Card

A Chip Card contains an embedded microchip that encrypts cardmember information. This technology improves data security when used at chip-enabled terminals and makes fraud more difficult.

See the benefits of a Chip Enhanced Card


  • Embedded microchip allows you to pay at merchants with chip card terminals
  • Strong protection against fraud
  • Added security through the use of stronger authentication methods
  • Unique transaction elements that make chip card data less attractive to steal and counterfeit

It's easy to make a transaction:

  • At merchants who have chip-enabled terminals, insert the chip portion of your Card in the chip-enabled terminal, and sign to authorize the transaction
  • At merchants who are not yet equipped with chip - enabled terminals, swipe and sign your name as usual
  • For phone or online transactions, nothing changes - simply provide your credit card number and complete your online transaction as you do today

Chip Card FAQs