It's as easy as Click ... Shop ... Save!

To take advantage of your My Deals® offers, simply click to load them on your card. Then just shop -- use your card for the transaction, and we'll credit your account for the redemption of each offer at the end of the following month. Watch your savings add up!

My Deals® Frequently Asked Questions


  • Relevant offers based on your shopping habits
  • Activate offers from your account detail page
  • No coupons to print or codes to enter
  • View offers directly from your online banking account
  • Turn offers on or off whenever you choose

In your account detail, CLICK on the offers that you would like to have automatically loaded on to your card.

To view all new and active offers, go to the My Deals® Summary page once logged in.

After clicking on an offer, simply use your card to SHOP at the selected merchant. No coupons are needed for in-store purchases.

Clearly marked online redemption codes may be needed for offers at online stores.

When you pay with your card, you SAVE. Your cash back is credited to your account the month after it is redeemed.

Since we do not share any personal information with retailers, we cannot credit an account immediately at the time of purchase.