Services for Resale

First National Bank wants to make it easier for your customers to do business with you, and our suite of products and services for resale are custom-designed for institutions that are ready to offer their customers a simpler, technologically advanced processes that save time, add security and create efficiency. The power of today's advances offers incredible opportunities for you to offer your customers value, and First National can show you how to optimize their full potential.


This fully electronic solution facilitates the exchange of standardized and secure bill payments between financial institutions on behalf of consumers and billers. Improve remittance processing efficiencies by reducing and better handling exception items and providing web-based access to images and data sooner.

Lockbox Steps

  1. Mail Opening and Image Capture – all payments are sent to a P.O. Box. Items are collected, opened and imaged.
  2. Item Processing – images and data are processed.
  3. Settlement and Posting – funds are deposited and your accounts receivable systems are updated.
  4. Archival – images & data are saved for long-term storage.

Biller Benefits

  • Delivery of remittance information to your financial institution to meet processing windows for same-day posting
  • Guaranteed funds (payment surety)
  • Choice of formats from your financial institution
  • Fewer exception items due to extensive account number mask editing
  • Streamlined processing of electronic payments as regular transactions, with costs equal to or less than other remittance payments
  • Accelerated receipt of funds and accounts receivable data
  • Single point of contact - your financial institution
  • Operating regulations create an environment of confidence for all participants
  • Ease of setup with your financial institution using Visa's Universal Biller File
  • The industry's largest bill payment processors utilize electronic lockbox, delivering high volumes of consumer payments

Remote Deposit Capture

Checks are simply scanned and transmitted to First National Bank via the Internet. First National receives and processes digitized check images and stores them online for future review. Benefits include:

  • Later deposit deadlines
  • No transportation delays
  • Improved processing float
  • Office efficiencies
  • Elimination of courier costs
  • Data integration with accounts receivable
  • Secure funds with reduced physical security risk
  • Account consolidation
  • Duplicate detection across all deposit points

Electronic Data Interchange

First National Bank can provide your customers with full-service Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) - the computer-to-computer electronic transmission and receipt of business documents in standard form. This technology allows you to transfer funds from one trading partner to the other, helping you put emphasis on customer satisfaction, quality and cost reduction.

EDI provides you with faster invoicing, speeding up your collection process. You'll also have faster data integration without re-keying and recalculating… so there are fewer errors. EDI also lets you replace inventory quicker. That means lower inventory levels, fewer material shortages and a lower cost of paper, storage, filing and postage. Plus, EDI assures better customer service through faster order and information processing. Our professional team is ready to provide EDI for your business and financial automation.