Through investments of financial and human capital, we are committed to improving lives, removing barriers, and ensuring the economic success of communities throughout our enterprise.

About Our Community Outreach

First National has a long history of strengthening and enriching the lives of our neighbors in the communities in which we live and work. First National, and its subsidiary First National Nebraska Community Development Corporation (CDC), are leaders in providing the capital necessary to ensure the economic success of our communities, especially those that are in distressed or have been underserved.

First National employs Community Development strategies to achieve impacts in four main areas: Financial Education and Economic Opportunity, Affordable Housing, Small Business Development, and Neighborhood Revitalization and Stabilization.

Financial Education and Economic Opportunity

The path to economic self-sufficiency includes education, workforce training, and a solid financial proficiency. First National is committed to ensuring members of our communities have the right knowledge, tools, and skills to achieve economic self-sufficiency, and support the development of these skills through our grants and services.

  • Through programs such as First At Work, Kids Banking, Teach Children to Save Day, and our Community Development team, First National Bank works to instill the concept of being “money smart.” First National partners with local employers, schools, and non profit organizations to deliver financial education services and tools throughout the community. Our financial education courses are designed to improve financial literacy and understanding of the banking industry by teaching topics such as budgeting, investing, savings, credit, homeownership, and event small business development.

  • Millard PAYBAC partnerships:

    • Millard North High School
    • North Middle School
    • Kiewit Middle School
    • Millard South High School
    • Andersen Middle School
    • Upchurch Elementary
    • Millard West High School

  • In 2014 First National awarded $305 thousand in grants to Omaha non profit organizations that are building assets within individuals that will help them move from poverty to self-sufficiency. We invest in each stage of individual development: teaching our youth employability skills at the Hope Employment Academy; helping adults gain a basic education at the Literacy Center of the Midlands; ensuring unemployed adults have the skills and training necessary to gain stable employment through Heartland Workforce Solutions; and teaching individuals financial management through the Financial Hope Collaborative. Through a solid foundation of education and training, Omaha residents will be on the path to financial stability.

For more information about financial eduation, becoming a school partner or scheduling a presentation, contact us at:

Affordable Housing

Habitat For Humanity Every family deserves a safe and affordable place to call home. Families who pay more than 30 percent of their income for housing are considered cost burdened and may have difficulty affording necessities such as food, clothing, transportation and medical care. This is especially true of low-to-moderate income families, where one full-time worker earning minimum wage cannot afford the local fair market rent for a two bedroom apartment. Through a mix of grants, investments, and loans, First National is working to ensure access to safe, quality and affordable housing.

  • In 2014 First National Bank awarded over $185 thousand in grants to Omaha area non profit organizations working to increase access to affordable housing. With the support of First National, grant recipients are able to build and rehabilitate homes, provide homeownership education and counseling for families interested in buying a home, and provide quality affordable places for families to rent. Holy Name Housing’s Crown Program, for example, has been successful in helping low income families in Northeast Omaha make the move from renting to homeownership. Through this program, participants earn equity while renting a home, and are provided with wrap around supports that will prepare them for eventual homeownership.
  • The First National Nebraska Community Development Corporation is an investor in Omaha 100, an entity that works with a consortium of lenders to provide affordable home loan products, down payment assistance, and second mortgages to make home ownership affordable for low-to-moderate income families. In addition to loans, clients participate in homebuyer education and work through credit issues to begin preparing for a successful mortgage loan experience. In 2013 Omaha 100 made $1.2 million in home loans, making the dream of homeownership a reality for low-to-moderate income borrowers.
  • First National supports affordable housing development by investing in Low Income Housing Tax Credit projects. Since 2011, First National has committed over $22 million in Low Income Housing Tax Credit projects.

Small Business Development

Small businesses are vital to our local economy as they create jobs and help to revitalize neighborhoods. Owning and operating a business is hard work, and to be successful start-ups and microenterprises often require additional supports. In collaboration with community partners, First National delivers grants, investments, and services that foster the success and sustainment of small businesses.

  • In 2014 First National awarded $220 thousand in grants to non profit organizations in the greater Omaha area that provide training, technical assistance, and even financing to support the growth and success of small businesses in our community. Small Business Development Centers located at the University of Nebraska at Omaha and Iowa Western Community College provide management and technical assistance, financial analysis, market research, and strategic business planning to current and prospective small business owners.
  • The First National Nebraska Community Development Corporation has invested $2 million in Omaha area Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFI) that are providing loans to start-ups and microenterprises. The Nebraska Enterprise Fund, for example, has been providing lending solutions to small businesses throughout Nebraska since 1997, and is able to do so thanks in part to First National’s capital investment.

Neighborhood Revitalization and Stabilization

Neighborhoods are the genetic material of a community, and safe and stable neighborhoods lead to a thriving community. Urban neighborhoods today are faced with an array of challenges including vacant and deteriorating homes and buildings, blight, and disinvestment. Through grants, loans, and investments First National is supporting efforts to revitalize our neighborhoods, one block at a time.

  • In 2014 First National awarded $140 thousand in grants to non profit organizations in Omaha that are working proactively to improve all the assets of our neighborhoods. We have invested in organizations like Rebuilding Together to improve housing stock, Omaha Economic Development Corporation to develop neighborhood business districts, and the Abide Network and InCommon Community Development to improve our neighborhoods by empowering and improving its people.
  • First National believes we will be successful if our communities are successful. We’re proud to lend a helping hand to make our community a better place to live, work and play. This extension is shown through our support of various economic lending initiatives and our collaboration with local, state and federal agencies to create the funding to fulfill the needs of our community. First National is proud to join the Omaha Economic Development Corporation (OEDC) in the construction of the new North Omaha Learning Center.

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